| FTBL Top 10 upset specials for Week 9



Were sitting at #1, I know most think we will steam roll TENN. I hope so, but I think this will be just like the Ole Miss game where at the end of the game. Everyone will be saying "They're better than thier record" :roll:

I always thought if you were better than your record, than your record would show it... That doesn't seem to be the case when Alabama plays :lol:

read me
Thats a freakin reach! This young team......It's the eigth game of the season! These boys aint young no more! How many big road games do you need before you are considered seasoned? Not to mention the THREE year signal caller. MORONS.
It's all words to me, the team needs to come out and punch big orange in the mouth and never stop. Steam roll em every quarter!

The Vols are desperate and need to win. I see them coming out all pumped up and it honestly leading to nothing. And then once again the critics will be wrong, as it always seems they are. :wink:
It doesn't bother me when people say we are the worst undefeated team in the country cause you know what we are still undefeated haha.
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