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A couple of thoughts as I'm reading through this...

First of all, I can't count the number of times I've seen LSU fans voice their lack of trust for Aleva. I wonder how they'll react to this story?

Secondly, this caught my eye:

Even before that game, Alleva and committee members were smitten with Orgeron. In fact, two independent sources with knowledge of the ordeal believe that LSU planned to immediately announce Orgeron as its full-time coach if he were to have beaten Florida. Alleva does not confirm that, but says, “I think that would have made it an easier sell to the public. If he had won the Florida game, there would have been less people concerned about him. People concerned about him were concerned because of what he’d done at Ole Miss, but to me, there are a lot of great coaches who didn’t succeed at their first attempt at being a head coach.”
You're hiring a new coach and he's a guy you have to "sell to the public?" I get what's being said here based on Orgeron's history. However, as I try to put myself in Aleva's shoes I'm left thinking, "would it be the right hire if I"m worried about selling my decision?"


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Lack of self confidence... “Ed Orgeron was always the guy I really wanted to be the head coach. A lot of people here wanted to pursue the hot name, which was Herman, so we pursued him.”


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The corndogs will be calling into F'baum tomorrow claiming to be world beaters. They gave up 38 pts to Texas offense playing on one leg.
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