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The Resident College Football Expert Week 6 – Slump Buster

The Resident College Football Expert, for those of you not keeping score at home, has been having a less than stellar season. You, however, his loving and faithful readers have to know that is understandable, right? It has been a crazy season. One that has been almost impossible to predict. Your Expert takes solace in the fact that not even the Great and Brilliant Lee Corso has figured out what is going on. Even he has thrown up a couple of stinkers the last couple of weeks.

How does a team like the Barn have their QB rattled by teams like Mississippi State and South Florida, but then when facing a team like the Gators in a hostile environment, with their superior athletes breathing down Cox’s neck just as much as the other teams, have that quarterback remain calm and lead his team to victory? Something he could not do against much lesser teams. How does Colorado, a team on the verge of becoming a laughing stock in the Big 12, come back from 21 down to take out Your Expert and the Great Corso’s NC pick, Oklahoma? It makes no sense.

Those who are long time readers of the Expert know that he will not use these things as an excuse, only as motivation to work harder. The answers are there, it is only a matter of finding them. You, oh loyal reader, should not lose faith in these weekly hallowed picks spun ever so eloquently by your Expert each and every week. For you know that history tells us HE shall rebound. Evident in your Expert’s mastery of the ACC. Who else would foretell of the upset of Georgia Tech over Clemson? And what of the North Texas Hating Pick of the week? Here your Expert stands an amazing and astounding 4-0 this season (though it does help that North Texas hasn’t won a game this season).

Have we perhaps found the answer to break his slump? Maybe your Expert should scour college football for more annoying teams who put up embarrassingly poor performances and pick them to go down to shameful defeats? That is what must be done. So without further ado, please let us put all these struggles behind us, fill our hearts with hate, and march into week six, where we will no doubt be greatly victorious!

Thursday Night Special (Overrated SEC Team Hating Pick of Week) – Kentucky vs. South Carolina

Sadly, it is time for the Kentucky Wildcat’s run to end. It was fun while it lasted and while this certainly appears to be an entertaining game, alas, it is one the Wildcats will not win. Whenever two powers clash such as the SEC’s top defense (South Carolina) and the SEC’s fifth best offense (just check the stats at the end of the season, you’ll see) one must side with the defensive team. This week, the Wildcats will find the road in the SEC not so easy on their way to the first of three straight losses which will ultimately make them an afterthought once again. South Carolina 20 Kentucky 17

Team with the Most Annoying Fans in the SEC Hating Pick of the Week: Florida vs. LSWho?

Though one would think it should be Gators who would be filled with fear heading into Baton Rogue this weekend, this does not appear to be the case when listening to interviews with the players for these teams. Your Expert has counted no less than FOUR frightened little Bengal Kitties talking about how the Big Bad Gators are mad after losing to the Barn last week. Teams that are scared and struggle to produce offense against Tulane don’t usually fair very well in big games. Florida 28 LSWho? 14

Oklahoma vs. Texas

Some claim that the reason for the embarrassing upset losses for Oklahoma and Texas last week was that they were “looking ahead” to playing one another this week. Your Expert doesn’t know anything about that, but he’s more likely to think that these are just the kinds of things that happen to teams starting freshmen quarterbacks (Oklahoma) and teams that have their quarterback driven out of a game due to a concussion (Texas). The Longhorns weren’t exactly tearing it up this season before the upset. Close games against Arkansas State and Central Florida could have been indicators of major issues in Austin. Issues that will be exploited by Oklahoma. OK 27 Texas 22

Houston vs. Bama

After a couple of tough losses, Bama will celebrate homecoming this week against Houston. Houston has a decent team this season with a very high-powered offense, but they are not up to the same talent level as UGA, FSU, and most importantly, Bama. The mark of Nick Saban teams in the past has been dominating teams with less talent. His team needs a win and he will lead them to victory this week. Bama 38 Houston 17

UT Hating Pick of the Week: UGA vs. The Viles

Your Expert was shocked to see that the Viles rank DEAD LAST in defense this season in the SEC. He isn’t sold that UGA’s offense is 100% healed, even though they hung 45 on Old Missy, but there are just too many factors working against the Viles in this game for them to win. UGA is a great road team, have played well against the Viles in recent years, and their defense isn’t ranked dead last in the SEC. Bulldogs top the hated Viles in this one. UGA 38 Viles 24

Barner Hating Pick of the Week: Vandy vs. The Barn

This week, the barn faces a team with marginal talent on defense, in front of a friendly crowd. Brandon Cox must be about to mess his pants already. Vandy is just the type of team he has hated facing this year. He’ll probably get rattled early, throw a couple of picks, get pulled, and come back in too late to mount a comeback. After this one, it will be time to start more rumors about Tubby heading to aTm. Vandy 23 The Barn 17

North Texas Hating Pick of the Week: North Texas vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Someone is about to get their first win of the season and your Expert has a sneaking suspension it will NOT be North Texas. After starting the season by giving fits to South Carolina, the Ragin Cajuns suffered three straight home losses to less than spectacular teams. They need a big win, much like SMU did earlier this season when they faced North Texas. North Texas goes down in defeat once again. Louisiana-Lafayette 34 North Texas 20

Kansas Hating Pick of the Week: Kansas vs. Kansas State

Your Expert thinks he may make hating Kansas a new weekly feature. Why? Go check out the CBS Sportsline message boards. Every article has at least three replies from Jayhawk fans claiming that big and bad 4-0 Kansas would destroy this team or that team. Give it a rest Jayhawks. Though the Expert is impressed that you still realize Kansas even has a football team after 125 years of finishing 3-8 and even though your victories against juggernauts like Toledo and Southeast Louisiana were impressive, the party is over for you. Truth is, your schedule is stacked with the only four teams you can beat at the very top and now you are about to suffer eight straight defeats to end the season. That’s why they will be good for hating! Kansas St 27 Kansas 13

Friday Night Upset Special: Utah vs. Louisville

Utah is a team just adding to the confusion this season. Every time they face an even semi-good opponent they play lights out. Let them face a team like UNLV though, and down they go. Despite the loss to the Cuse, Louisville is still viewed as a semi-good team by most (even though about half their team was either dismissed or suspended this week), so expect Utah to be on top of their game and expect another upset loss for the Cardinals. Utah 35 Louisville 31

Upset of the Week #2: Ohio St vs. Purdue

No one seems to be paying a lot of attention to this clash of Big 11 unbeatens and that is exactly why Purdue will win. After the upsets from last week, Buckeye fans again have visions of National Titles dancing in their heads. Better not overlook Purdue. Oh but they will and pay for it. Purdue 42 Ohio St 35

Upset of the Week #3: South Florida vs. Florida Atlantic

Your Expert may just pull his hair out this year waiting for the Florida Atlantic upset. He knows it’s coming, but when? FAU is just a team primed for one. After South Florida this week, they play in conference until they play Florida in late November. Seems like this must be the week for them to pull the upset. Don’t you think the South Florida team is a little too big headed right now? FAU will pull them back down to earth. FAU 31 USF 27
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