| FTBL The Honeymoon is officially over...

"Most coaches I've talked with"......like that adds credibility to what you just passed Feldman?
Courtesy flush Pluhleeze!

Once again another piece for when the Charmin runs out.
What's amazing to be is how these guys obviously just make stuff up and pass it on as fact. "Most coaches I've talked to...would see a matchup between Grobe and Saban as good vs. evil".

Hogwash! Nobody said that to him. What a bunch of made up BS. What's even more amazing is that this guy actually gets paid to write this crap.

I wonder if he'd be willing to divulge which coaches supposedly told him this would be a "good vs. evil" matchup. I don't think so.

These guys are ticked off because Saban doesn't treat them with the respect they think they deserve and they never miss opportunity to bash him.
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