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Hightideiscoming said:
pathetic second half of football ever played. Terrible finish.

Which ensures we won't be looking past Kentucky next week. I wish we could have finished 41-17, but now Saban has something to chew some rear-end about.
Also, it says a lot that our offense was able to come back and score 10 points after almost letting UGA back into the game. That TD drive was a back breaker, regardless of how our defense played in the closing minutes.
There is nothing to be ashamed of here. Some unbelievable performances were turned in by some very talented young men. JPW played about as good a game as I've ever seen him play.
Every game has momentum swings. The fact Bama pulled the game and second half off with such convincing fashion is unbelievable against such a great qb and football team.

My props to Bama (che)

Hellva first half....not a good 3rd quarter.....good 4th with a great TD drive.

We won the game....we scored more points in the first half then they did the whole game.....there is some room for improvement as far as keeping up the entisity in the second half....BUT WE JUST BEAT #3 GEORGIA IN ATHENS, ENJOY IT BAMA NATION!!!!!!
Hightideiscoming said:
pathetic second half of football ever played. Terrible finish.

I agree!!! Getting outscored 30-10 is not a good way of finishing!!! Glad we won, but this kind of performance down the stretch can get you beat with more time on the clock!!!

Dang, we are picky as heck, but Coach Saban would say the same thing after watching the 2nd half. I guarantee it!!!
Some credit to the dart thrower Stafford but we must improve on anticipating the pass and breaking more of the pass plays up. Too much space in the middle of the field IMO.
Guys, please don't misunderstand my comment. I think I've gone and upset Porter judging by his comment and I'm sorry if I did.

The win is excellent. The Tide held on. The offense came out in the 4th quarter and handled business. Tiffin hit a very important FG that if missed might have opened the door wide open on the barn.
This the best game Bama has played that I can remember in recent history. Huge win. JPW wins kudos. Offensive line wins kudos. Defense leaves a bit to be desired. The D got torched down the middle. and kick coverage is seriously deficient. That said, Rashad Jonnson played incredible ball. The corners did pretty well. The D- in the first half did incredible. But.
Please don't be upset with me over telling it like it is in regard to the D in the second half.
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