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This has been one of the strangest seasons of football in sometime..we have witnessed the end of the PAC 12, the last season of a 4 team playoff, the last season of SEC divisions (which is simply going back to what it once was), the last season of 14 SEC teams, the first season in forever that that we had such quarterback drama (a bit of hyperbole) and arguable the most dramatic championship weekend with regards to the playoffs since its inception.

I’m worried that a close win keeps us out, I’m worried we can’t cover Bowers, I don’t think we can blow Georgia out and I feel that’s what we need in order to make it.

On the upside, I’m excited about what this team could be next season but I’m anxious about today.
Very anxious about today.
If we can cut out the stupid penalties, not turn the ball over, stop the bad snaps and give Milroe time to throw we have a chance. We need to dominate both lines of scrimmage. It’s going to be tough going but I believe we can win this game. Depends on what team shows up.
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