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I want every to state their opinions as to what our main problems and where our success has come from this season

1. Inconsistency (it just seems like our whole team cannot have a complete game)

2. Offensive and Defensive Line ( i just feel like they are getting pushed around)

3. Redzone scoring (I dont feel like we get enough tds in the redzone to win sometimes)


Here are the positives this year i think

Running backs ( i really feel like we have a great future with these great backs.)

Recievers (They have stepped it up a notch this year)

Defense (I feel like we have had a good year on defense)

Special Teams( starting with arenas we have had great success, great blocking as well)

This is what i feel are our strengths and weakness's are this year I also feel like Wilson is going to turn things around next year....look for an improving season next year (I apologize for making a post about jpw lol it was bad...but try to be positive and lets just try to support our team)

Lets kick auburns (insert word)
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