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so i see bama has arkansas before they play my dawgs!! we also have a rough start by opening up with OK state and south carolina!! we should both know lots about our teams when we meet at bryant denny at the end of september!! i think that GA and BAMA have a huge advantage by playing tough games early!! i love the GA/BAMA game!! it will be fun in T-TOWN!! major SEC football and Dreamland ribs!!!! man i cant wait for september!! i will definately have to make that trip from athens!!!!!!!!!!


bama4life said:
The last time we played GA...Wasn't that when ex-CMS put in Brodie and he was jacked up on the next play?

One of the many times I scratched my head and said WTF could he possibly be thinking during the Shula regime. :roll:


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mike2197r74 said:
i live in mobile and live 5 min. from dreamland and the wife hates BBQ so i hardly get to go. you cant beat dreamland though

I like the one in Mobile. Go as often as I can, but you can't beat the original in Tuscaloosa.


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it is going to be a great football game!! 2 great teams in an awesome environment!! i was in Tuscaloosa last year for the hawaii game!! great atmosphere!! those panzy's out west cant compare to a major SEC atmosphere!! it is truly indescribable!! i get chill bumps every time im in Athens!!! and i know y'all do in T-TOWN as well!!! great site guys!! glad to be a part of it!!
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