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We have all seen and read about other teams recently with coaching issues and players publicly commenting negatively on some of their coaches...It just makes me appreciate what we have even more so than ever. While we may not win every game and play the perfect game every week ( like who does :roll: ) BUT THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT WHO IS IN CONTROL OF OUR FOOTBALL PROGRAM. I couldnt imagine a player or assistant coach questioning Saban...and if so, not in the manner that we have seen with these other teams. Everybody seems to know their job responsibilities and they do it...without question...awesome coaching I say. No question on who the Boss is... :wink:
He has learned from experience. Plaxico ran his mouth and that was the end when it came to freshmen speaking.

Could you imagine if JPW said some of the things Harper said about TB yesterday? Saban would hold him above his head by his you know what and make him cry like a girl. :D
Saban is in charge that is the difference in bama now cause shula was alot like a young guy who didnt take control when he needed to.
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