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Bo’s RTB.com Player of the Week

So here we go. Week 2 of Bo’s RTB.com PoTW. I’m a little late because I got penalized for excess celebration after flipping a ball into the air when I found out The Expert’s pick of ECU over WVU was correct.

What can I say about this week? Mark Ingram did fine when he had the opportunity, but was overshadowed by the over all poor play of the offense. Rolando McClain finished the game with 15 tackles, and does have at least a somewhat legitimate claim on this weeks PoTW. Other than those two, there’s only one other person who stood out this weekend. And I’m sure most already knew who was going to get the award this week. I mean, it’s almost a no brainer, With the way this guy played, it would almost be a crime should he not receive the award. So here we go, this weeks RTB.com Player of the Week is:

Javier Arenas


Javier broke the single game return record by 145 yards. The record was 122 yards that Harry Gilmer set against UGA back in 1947. Arenas wound up with 212 all purpose yards, and if not for getting his bell rung in the 2nd half, would probably have added several more to that total. Javier also helped out by playing pretty good defense with a total of 3 tackles.

So we salute you oh Renegade of the Runback. Javier Arenas, you are this week’s RollTideBama.com Player of the Week
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