| FTBL Reflecting on Last Week Leading up to Today.


Reflecting on Last Week Leading up to Today.

I can't recall if it was Wednesday or Thursday of last week I had my suspicions confirmed. It didn't sit well with me, but I clearly understood what he was saying.

After practice, one of our defensive starters made the comment in response to a question that he felt the staff had more faith and confidence than the players did in themselves.

I read that once, stopped and then came back to it again. It didn't take but a second for me to go back to the Arkansas game when Saban asked the defense if we kicked a field goal could they hold the Arkansas offense just one more time. Saban had faith in the defense that day demonstrated in volumes with his decision. That field goal choice was questioned, still is by some, but the result is in the books. A win versus Arkansas.

That remained in my mind watching UGA and FSU win versus the Tide. I kept thinking, "they are beginning to believe, but aren't quite there yet."

Then came Saturday...

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