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Wow , I believe patience wore thin for Carr only cause the buckeyes winning streak against the Wolverines. Carr was a good coach, and should have remained the HC @ Mich. B4 all the Shula lovers say anything,,,,, Carr won a MNC!!!!!!!! After all, they are in the big ten. Shula lovers,,, see Minnesota MC Bowl. By the way Richrod shuda stayed @ WV. If he stayed, they beat the barn, now? Give me AU and 10 points due to defense.
ghice said:
TerryP said:
Did you see the Weis wipeout? They are saying torn ACL/MCL...

Personally, I nominate it for ESPN's Top 10

Does that mean they can put Weis on the injured list, and use a backup coach?:D

HAHAHAHAH!!!! They might win a game if that happened!!!!
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