| FTBL Nice little write up on ESPN

Thanks, Bo. That is one part of the "Process". The delay of game, off sides and procedure penalties we have been so prone to in the past seem to have gone away. Those were usually due to lack of concentration. I can abide the holding, pass interference and even the occasional personal foul penalties as they are mistakes from being aggressive. The lack of penalties and turnovers has been an important part of our success so far this season. Now if we can just get those special teams straightened out.
It was called a delay of game because the ball was blown in play, Tiffin approached the ball then simply changed his mind about kicking it. Just like a ball being thrown incomplete and a player kicks the ball away in disgust. Simple Delay of Game.
I thin kthe officials may have bought into it had the other 10 not sprinted down the field looking for the ball. He did look as though he he heard a whistle to halt play. Regardless, Delay of Game is the call.
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