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I have been checking this site out daily for several months now and decided to join... just in case I wanted to put my 2 cents in sometime(for what its worth!). This site is much better than others. Everyone on here is very educated in the game and on the team, not afraid to tell the truth, whether it be in our favor or not. Very good characteristics for a site if you really want to chat about your favorite team. :)

A little history on me.....

I grew up an Air Force brat living in Washington D.C. and the Dover area for most of my life. When my Dad retired he wanted to move back home to the SE corner of Alabama...very SE corner. He has been a die hard fan all his life. I grew up a fan but I was one of those "well my dad likes them so I like them too" fans.

I never knew the passion of Alabama football until we moved here. Through high school I wore the colors and all but not really into it a whole lot. Well about 3 years ago something happened...and I am a pretty die hard fan now, not as well educated but die hard. I watch every game, whether it be myself or with friends. I could care less who I holler and cheer with, whether it be with rivals or alone.

I kind of scare myself sometimes with my obsession with Alabama football :p . My stomach gets in knots, almost in a nauseating feeling when we are down in the game( is that normal?). J/K....Well I am now married, to a Georgia Fan!, and have a 6 month old son, which I am competing very hard with my husband to convert him to an Alabama Fan( yes I am Female as well). Who knows he may like Miss St. ;sh

I also plan, hopefully next year, for me and my dad to attend our 1st Alabama game. Pitiful huh? Die hard fans and never attended a game. :roll:

Well to end my life story...Great Site and look forward to my time on here.
It is an honor to have you here. I think you will REALLY like it here.

As for going to a game...I am VERY happy for you. It is one thing to see the games in that magnificent stadium on TV but it is a whole different thing to see it....to FEEL it..in person.

Welcome aboard.

In respect to the whole "knots in the stomach" and what not...get used to it!! LOL!!

Even when we ran the table in '92 and won it all, you would have thought we were about to lose every game if you saw me! LOL! When you become a hardcore fan, EVERY PLAY is like the Rose Bowl, etc. Nothing is more important than the next snap!!!

Once again, welcome to the site and ROLL TIDE!!!!

Another female…………………yes!!! There are a couple of us on here (BamaDelta and RollTide Wendilu(sp) come immediately to mind.) Welcome!! There are some great people on this site and A LOT of information. Look around and check out the Recruiting forum frequently. If you have any questions, ask!! Everyone will be more than happy to lend an ear, an answer, or an opinion. I know what you mean about the sick-to-your-stomach feeling, I have been known to break remote controls and scream myself hoarse in front of the TV. Don’t even get me started on when I’m in the stadium. I lose it. Again, welcome. Now get to posting!!! :lol:

Whispers: We even have a couple of resident Auburn fans on here that are pretty okay, but don’t tell them I said so.

WELCOME bamabass23 and a big ROLL TIDE!

I really did enjoyed reading your intro and first post. Glad that you have decided to suit up and take the field with the rest of us.

bamabass23 said:
My stomach gets in knots, almost in a nauseating feeling when we are down in the game( is that normal?).

Nah, can't relate to that at all. :D :wink: Mine is that way the entire time before and during the game. :shock: I'm usually very hungry after a game or not hungry at all. :?

Glad to see you here.
DOn't know about that. Seeing some of the hits these guys take makes me cringe sometimes. It is a rough game and being a mom or any parent, I would be ready to kill if my son got hurt. Too much at risk in that game. It is sad to see some that are so good and one bad injury can change their lives forever i.e. Tyrone Prothro-man what an impact he would have made on the game. His injury totally changed the 2005 season IMO.
Welcome to the site and it was a nice read.

Covert that baby son of yours and bring him up to be the next UA QB! 8)


On another note...I am working real hard on it. He is usually in my lap during the games. I feel so awful sometimes because i scream so loud sometimes he gets scared and cries :(
Welcome aboard and nice first post. It's not abnormal to go to a game this late in life. I've had plenty of friends and family who haven't even been to one, but are huge fans. Enjoy your stay here, hope you stick around and post more. ;tr
Glad to have you Bass. I'm an Air Force brat myself and have gotten up that way once. My parents were stationed at Hanscom for a couple of years (outside of Boston) when I was a kid.

I did my 4 years at Holloman AFB in New Mexico a.k.a. "The Land of Entrapment". My wife is still active so we're out here in sunny, nutty, Southern California now.

We're glad to have you on board and hope you do end up really enjoying the site. Feel free to hollar if you have any questions on anything at all. Roll Tide and welcome aboard! :) :ele ;tr ;sal ;br ;flame *barner

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