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I was thinking she was married? Am I'm wrong about her being married?
ROMANCE RUMORS: Nick Saban’s Daughter Linked to Prominent Alabama Fan April 20, 2024

Kristen Saban, the progeny of the esteemed former Alabama coach Nick Saban, recently hinted at a budding romance in her life.

In a notable interaction on X, previously known as Twitter, on Friday evening, Saban engaged with a user’s query about the experience of meeting an online friend in the real world. Saban shared a snapshot of herself alongside Cruz Oxenreider at the Final Four basketball tournament in Arizona, captioning it, “Ya it went well I think.”

This revelation quickly captured the attention of the online community, amassing over 90,000 views in a mere day.

Cruz Oxenreider has garnered significant attention, particularly in Tuscaloosa circles, thanks to his involvement with Barstool Sports and his vocal support for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

In a heartfelt message dated back to January, Saban expressed her deep appreciation for the Alabama fanbase and the unwavering support they’ve shown her father throughout his illustrious coaching tenure.

“Football has been the centerpiece of my life. Witnessing my dad achieve consecutive milestones over the years has been a profound experience.

I’m immensely grateful for the history I’ve been privy to. My heart swells with gratitude for your encouraging messages, your shared stories of Alabama football (keep them coming), and your unwavering love.

Alabama forever. Roll Tide forever.

My love to each and every one of you,” Saban shared.

With Nick Saban no longer coaching from the sidelines, his daughter eagerly anticipates the 2024 college football season with much excitement.
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