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Kirk Herbstreit or "Herbie" is pro tO.S.U. (Ohio St) and he tries to control his homerism as best he can so he can make a living.

OSU rose to prominence for the first time in the early nineteen fifties under Woody Hayes. (who played Paul/Ala in 79 & lost badly :D )[Ohio had a brief rise to #1 in 1935 but Notre Dame beat thier ass in Columbus 19-13 on the last play of the game and ruined their storied season)

OSU (who rose in 53) & LSU (who rose in 58) share a similar viewpoint of football generally. Conservative 1950's styles.

Alabama is a long standing SEC Champion who rose to power in 1926 versus Washington in a heroic game of epic proportions! 20-19 and its first national title. (Alabama has 11)

Notre Dame (oldest of active champions rose to power in 1914 under Knute Rockne by defeating ARMY / West Point with the forward pass)

Princeton (no longer a power has won more national titles than anyone and originates from the actual genesis of American Football)

I guess what I'm trying to say here is this:
Kirk and Ohio State do not fully realize what Alabama has once again become. Namely a DRAGON. When he does his jealousy will take over and his flattery will cease to exist. (this is my opinion only) :roll:
Yeah, I don't think so. I think Kirk does a great job of being inpartial. And does a great job on the Prime Time game every Saturday night.

Why does Ohio State give 2 flips what Alabama does?

Kirk treats Alabama and Nick Saban with upmost respect. Just like any other high level program. Listen to the Roundtable or Finebaum when he is on sometime and you will see.
I've always liked Herbie. He's one of the few talking heads on ESPN that somewhat knows what he's talking about in regards to college football.
Herbstreet called Colin the Cowards radio show today and called him out on air for not giving Bama any love, and for being a total USC homer.
TigerBait3 said:
Ohio St. fans give him hell because he always picks against them, the Big 10, and doesn't pimp OSU. The man cant catch a break.

Fwiw, didnt he rank Bama #2?


Don't be bringing facts into a football message forum.
I thought we were talking about Dr.Lou... Suffering succotash

I have to go along with the others on this one. Herbstreit is very good at his job and doesn't sound or act like a "homer" when he talks about Ohio State and the Big Ten. Heck, he gushes with so much enthusiasm about the SEC that someone might think the guy played around here. To me he's a straightshooter and he does a very fine job.
Actions speak louder than words, and for years now (and especially after Saban's arrival), Kirk has shown great respect for BAMA with both. I've never for a second thought that he was being biased to Ohio St over the years. In fact, if you didn't know his bio or someone else didn't mention it, you'd likely never even know he played for them. Far cry from someone like Holtz and his golden child Notre Dame.
I love KH. If it wasnt for him reporting that Les Miles was going to Michigan, we probably would have lost to Tennessee in the SEC Championship and Les Miles would be in Michigan right now....

Compared to LSU hating Courso and Crazy Lou, He is Great...
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