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Anyone have any info on his injury? Did you see the kid on the sideline? he was chopping his feet and setting up like he was in the game.Hated it for the kid you could tell he wanted to be on the field so bad.The kid is a stud and our D was not the same without him in there.
bear facts said:
BigAl said:
callahan said:
he had a stinger..
will be ok
Define Stinger

That pointed little thing on a bee's body.



Definition: A burner, also called a stinger, is a common injury in contact sports, especially football. The exact mechanism of the injury is not well understood, but a burner is thought to be due to either stretch or compression, or a combination of both, of the brachial plexus. The brachial plexus is a network of nerves that has just exited the spinal cord. These nerves travel across the shoulder and into the arm. Symptoms of a burner are sudden pain and tingling extending from the neck and down the arm into the fingers.
Most often burners are transient injuries, but they can be serious if they are persistent or recurrent. If a player has recurrent burners, he or she should be removed from competition until evaluated by a physician.

Also Known As: Stinger
linebackers get stingers a lot.
usually like that take a hit to the shoulder and it pinches a nerve and that side of thier body goes numb
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