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How The SEC Is Seen On The Other Side Of The Atlantic

By; Israel Llata

It wasn't long ago first time I began to proudly support the Crimson Tide. Although, for different reasons than many of you. I always felt attracted to the great state of Alabama and their football team, but it wasn’t until that successful 2005 season (you should remember that Sports Illustrated cover with a banner headline proclaiming, "Bama is Back" when I began to feel something special instead of just watching those kids on the field through the television.

I remember clearly how "mama" looked the night (CET time zone) we met. It was another edition of the Third Saturday in October at the Capstone; Alabama unbeaten and ranked fifth in the nation hosting the Vols in a game remembered later as "The Rocky Stop", which was inspired by Roman Harper's hit of Corey Anderson that caused the fumbled which led to BAMA's victory. In the end, I was surprised by how Bryant-Denny Stadium and their fans rooted for their team throughout the game.

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