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Ok so we know how much LSU likes the white uniforms so my question is:

Do you think Coach Saban will put us in white and make them bring the purple jerseys back out? I think it motivates them when teams do that and I hope we don't. What do u think?
I don't think he will. I think Saban likes to get it done, mano a mano (practicing for the reconquista). I don't believe he thinks in terms of jinxes, hexes, mojo...any of that kind of stuff.

Btw, if Casey Dick hadn't played one of his best games against us, we wouldn't have had to drive 73 yards in the last two minutes to win. McFadden was great, but Dick made the difference (can I say that in mixed company? :shock: ).
The all white uniforms which include the white helmets with red numerals would be the only acceptable alternate uniform in my opinion. After all, who knows what would happen to our tradition if we let anyone redesign it. I think it would be an acceptable exception to the rule, since we've worn them in the past. I'd love to see it!
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