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How does it feel, LSU, to have your heart broken like you've done to so many other teams?

LSU narrowly escaped defeat when they played Bama. But they broke Bama's heart this year, just like in 2005. Bama wasn't the same after the LSU loss in 2005, and God knows they haven't been the same since the loss to the Bengals this year.

Payback is sweet. ;flame ;j;l;
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In three weeks, LSU will be known as either a team that has coaches taken from it, or a team stuck with Miles.

NC contender won't be mentioned from here on out.

I know those are bold words, and being a Bama fan I'm not really an expert, so I'll let the expert LSU fans do the talking:

i hope Les Miles burns in hell for what he's failed to accomplish with this team. He'll be Mike Archer's OC in a few years. If he doesn't move on this year, LSU Football will turn into a Rollicking Comedic Farce ala Confederacy of Dunces. Please Baby Jesus, make Les Miles disappear.

Reality Check, Mr. Rogers, me, you, and Al Gore could have the same record or better with these players. I am embarrassed to have him as our head coach. He is an obvious dunce, just look at the two idiotic time outs he called at the end. This is the best three years in LSU Football History (minus a NC?) because of Saban's momentum. Deal with it.

The emperor has no clothes, and he's a frickin retard. Which is why MIchigan probably will not take him. But he will be gone in a heartbeat if they do. Let's all pray.


I'd say they're taking this pretty well. :drk


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It would be interesting. First off, less than 1% of LSU fans are worried about Les Miles' competency right now. He pretty much has our confidence.

I think if LSU were to be upset this weekend, then it would be similar to a heart murmur. LSU fans would be like "what the hell was that," and they would be cautious and nervous. I honestly doubt it would immediately lead to the demise of Coach Miles, but it would scare many people. People would be waiting to see what happened next. If somehow, LSU still won the west and the SEC, I think Miles would get a pass for the upset.

Whenever LSU lost to UAB several years ago, Saban wasn't really called out. Some people wanted his head, but for the most part we still didnt know what he or LSU were capable of accomplishing. Now that we know LSU can play with the best, a loss to a lesser opponent (especially this lesser opponent) might cause more of an uproar...but not a definite fallout.

Im just glad we won't have to worry about this mess!!
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