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Nothing but "closet" Nick Saban love. The anti-Saban propoganda/pro-Miles no matter what is just a failed attempt at trying to remind yourself not to care anymore. In reality, many of the pro-Les people are just trying to tell themselves their new coach is better.

That's exactly how I feel the LSU fans feel about CNS. They're lying through their teeth if they say Saban did not rebuild them to what they are today (or once was).
The thing that gets me is how they say "the SEC is down this year, and that's why Bama is winning." Let's see, by my account, this year in the SECCG we have undefeated Tide (with a win over AU Sat.), and a 1 loss Gator team who is shredding everyone they play. Both top 5 teams. Last years championship game was 2 loss LSU, and the Viles. How many losses did they have last year? So looking through my crimson colored glasses I don't see a down year. I simply see a changing of the guard, and a team on the bayou remembering when they had a good coach.
Yeppers. Things aren't so rosy down on the Bayou. Honestly, we know they back-doored into the National Championship last year, rather than WINNING into it, which Bama will have to do in order to play for it. If the Tide had lost ONE GAME on the way this season, we'd be so far out of the picture, with one loss, that we wouldn't be able to sniff the BCS title game.

Time for the fans of these other schools to sober up and realize that WINNING is the only way to guarantee success. When you don't win, well....can't blame anyone but yourself. LSU got a gift last year.
My doctors an L.S.U. grad and a big supporter of there football program.He has there NC pics plastered all over the walls of his exam rooms.When i pointed to sabans in a matter of fact voice he said "we would take saban back in a heartbeat"
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