| FTBL Kareem Jackson

Kareem's part of a young secondary going through a trial by fire. But in the end they'll all be better players.

I was proud of the way the kid played today, and the way he's improved the last several weeks.
More important to me than the picks, were the two consecutive pass break ups in I think it was the 3rd Quarter. One was kinda a deep post, I think, and the other was a pass in the flats... I could be wrong on the routes, I was at the game, and I was too busy drinking it in to remember all the plays.
His first pick was one of the best defensive plays I have seen in a LONG time. He broke at the PERFECT time and really made a perfect play on the ball. Our secondary stepped up on the long passes and really held them to 20 yards or less on pass plays (minus two blown coverages).
There was one pass that he just broke up that was every bit as impressive as the INTs. The receiver had him beat and went up for the ball and KJ made up ground to knock the ball out of his hands as he came down.
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