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What do you guys think about us running the ball more. I never thought that I would say this, but I think I mean it. So many times we are in a third and 3 and we drop back to pass, when Coffee or Grant could just barge for the first. We seem to be so much more successful when Grant gets his fair share of rushes. Especcially since we have such depth at the rb position, I really think we could wear the defense down by running the ball more.

What do you guys think?
Where's Darby when you need him?

Sorry rolltide37, just kidding you. I don't disagree at all with the validity of your question, I just think it's ironic that last season, all we heard was, "we run the ball too much, why don't we pass more?"

I think that at the very core of every one of Nick Saban's game plans is the establishment of the running game. If you go back and review the first quarter of the Houston game, that is exactly what we did -- even to the point that our play action passing was working -- a first for this season best I can tell.

However, Houston made defensive adjustments in the secord quarter and when Bama went to plan B, it didn't work. Evidently, plans C, D, and E couldn't be properly executed either.

I'm assuming Plan F was "Hang on for dear life until the clock runs out." We just managed to pull that one out and get the win.
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