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Okay, I can't find the thread about USC having an outbreak of JockItch, so here goes. I was thinking, while I supposed to be working, and I had an epiphany. Jock Itch is a fungus that, much like Atlete's foot, can only be spread by contact. And, I have to wonder, just what the hell kind of drills are they doing at USC these days. (I'm sending this to Marcus Allen) BTW - my mind wanders so... speaking of Marcus Allen, did you know that Beverly Hills PD saw him in a convertible, thought he was a drug dealer, and pinned him to the concrete, only to realize that he was in fact The Marcus Allen because a bunch of kids ran up to him, (while he was face down on the concrete) to get an autograph? Funny stuff. And, they say California is about equality and Alabama is racist. :D
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