| RECRUIT Is this good? In case you've missed it, here's a look at Taggart, Florida State's recruiting class, and the number of skill position players signed

So there will be no skilled players on that team is what you are saying.
None in their last class.

FSU ranked in the 100's last year in total offense. It was Taggart's plan that by hiring Kendall Briles he'd give the offense a boost (when it was their offensive line having so many issues last season.) They are returning their QB and have a pretty good set of receivers coming back as well.

When you watched them last year you saw their defense get stuck in horrible positions. A lot of that came from poor offensive performance and a lot came from turnovers. Now, consider adding Briles up-tempo approach and what does that spell for their defense.

**As a side note, with Landon now fully on board if he can stay healthy he has a really good chance to be the best lineman on the Tide's offensive side of the ball. He's got that much potential but has been hindered at every step with injuries. And that's the one area FSU needs help with in a big way.
Huge year for Will and his staff. It is possible for them to turn it around.

That was a terrible effort last season and a little surprising given that Oregon looked better in his one year there. He can't just improve, he has to get a lot better and fast. The fans and administration won't put up with his teams looking like NCS or BC. And last season he wasn't even that good.
I see their recruit class for 2019 and 2020... they need to improve their recruiting to have any chances. I see them having 7 wins this season and 2 of the games will be a struggle.
A 1-2 start and they'll struggle to hit seven in my view. On the other hand, a strong start and they've got a decent change to hit a nine or ten win mark. I don't see the latter happening.

It's my opinion their schedule for this fall is loaded with tossups. S&P+ rankings reflect the same.

One of the several reasons I have Boise State at +4 1/2 for $55K in the Sportsbook. Before it's lowered to 3 1/2. And then 2 1/2. And then 1 1/2. Boise State wins SU. Underdog Lock of Week One.
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