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Last month, during a JV Football game, a player from Ponchatoula High by the name of Bryce McKinney suffered a spinal injury and evidently some brain damage as well. Like in situations we've all witnessed, the community rallied together in an effort to raise money to help the family out in this situation.

Exactly how Coach Moore was contacted, I don't know. But, he donated a pair of LSU vs Bama tickets to the family so they could be raffled off during one of their fund raisers.

It's just another example, a strong one, the relationship between the two schools transcends the football playing field.

Here's a link to the schools football page and their section on what is going on with Bryce.

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This is great!! And it should known by everyone. Beyond the media hype of the hate over the coach stealing blah blah blah...whatever. THIS is what is important!

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