| FTBL Identity of this team

While it was a great game to watch, I will have a better feel for the team when we play an SEC team. All other conferences don't have the same "it" factor like an SEC team does.

Tons of team effort last night and I too loved every minute of it. I will savor it in gravy until next weekend, and the weekend after that, and then we got the Razorbacks and Petrino.
One thing to think about is this. How would our team last year have faired against the Clemson team of this year? Think of that and it should give you an idea of where we are at this year.
Impressive win. Yes.

Does this team have an identity yet? I have to say no, not yet.

Arkansas will be a preview, almost like the preface of a book. Georgia will be the first part of that book, but it won't tell the story.

Assuming we drop the Georgia game, UT is the game with the answers. IF we win vs Georgia the last chapter won't fall on UT, but we'll be in the meat of who we are.

Not to quote Saban, but it's worth noting he doesn't think we have an identity.

It's one game. Savor it.

I can't help but think about this Tulane team that gave the eventual National Champs a fit last season.
You also have to think about how our team plays outside in the heat under a blazing sun. This game was indoors so there were no weather issues. Hopefully, it won't be a problem since they've been practicing in the heat all summer. But I'm so proud of this Crimson Tide team that we all support so whole heartedly. ROLL DAMN TIDE!!!!
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