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Got home from the UF Kentucky game.........
And watched both OSU/PSU and your game.
Tennessee brought their defense but Alabama has
both. Bama impresses me. I swear they play alot like
them old days with that Def. Big hits and flying to the ball. Bama and UF need to win out so they winner in Atlanta will have the best chance at bringing a 3rd National Title in a row back down here. Bama has the inside track with no losses. UF has UGA in Jax next weekend and the dogs looks improved after your
spanking. Fla seems to be hitting all cylinders on Off and the D is looking the best since Urb got here.
Keep winning..........great game, I know how yall HATE them vols, we pretty much feel sorry for them down here........
The UGA defense is a bit soft, relative to their talent and coaching. I think UF's is too at times, but UGA's is consistently soft. I think the Gators win the game, but UGA will give them some problems. They'll score some points.
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