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Guys, I had this funny idea for a picture but I need someone with a little savy to help me out here.

Yes this is quasi football related.

As most of you know I run a chain of video game stores in Alabama for a company that has stores from here to Texas. One of our running jokes is to put a face to the Master Chief (the protagonist and hero from the Halo game series).

One of my employees got me with this pic. He called me and said "DUDE!! They revealed who the Master Chief really is! There is now a pic out, just released of him without his helmet on!!"

I bit like an idiot and got all excited only to see this picture.


Can someone give me a pic like this with Coach Saban's face there. Or even find another pic of the Chief to put Saban's face on?

I understand if the mods want to move this post but I really did not know anywhere else to put it. Thanks in advance!

I also touched up your signature file a little bit. If you would like to, first delete the ImageSkack photo you have on ImageShack now and then upload the photo that I will paste below to your ImageShack account.

Save it under the same name as the one you have now. Then, all you will have to do is hit the refresh button here on RollTideBama.com and you will be able to see the difference.

I just removed some of the white outline that was around DJ's helmet and shoulders, nothing major.


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