| FTBL I hate the big 12 and all other conferences


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All you hear is Penn state,Penn State Ohio State blah blah blah. The favoritism is ridiculous in the media. Who has Penn State played anyway??? There is a bigger need for you guys to win today,bigger than your hatred for fat Phil.....You have a responsibility to represent the SEC in Jan. I dent wain spend my holidays watching a bunch of namby pamby yankee teams play. Do I want my Vols to lose,heck no I want us to dominate,(i don't think they will) unfortunately if that happens,we may all be facing a long rest of the year.
Just some food for thought,
GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!! and roll tide any other day than this one. :D :D
Penn State, Ohio State, et. al. are in the Big 10(11).
And, yes - it's a candy-ass excuse for a conference.

The Big 12 is Oklahoma, Texas, et.al. and is, in my opinion, a respectable conference... in fact the ONLY other respectable conference with the SEC.
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