| CURRENT EVENTS I don't any enjoyment that's going to come from the USWNT if they win the Cup. It's going political with AOC and it's going to leave a mark...

I've been coaching soccer for twenty-three years. Religiously following it for just as long if not longer. The Hollyweird elite have one thing in common with Billy Bob Bubba with regard to soccer. Until Rapinoe's protests, they never knew or cared a thing about soccer. Now they're all over Twitter, et al, pronouncing how great this team is.

Thing is...Rapinoe is past her prime. Her two goals in the Sweden game came from PKs. Any player could score those. Her two goals v. France...The first goal was horribly struck; the French keeper was screened like a hockey goalie. Still don't see how she could let that one in. Her second goal was well struck...into an open net. Tobin Heath's goal was taken away by a ticky-tack offside call (Dunn's back heel? Really...). During the first half of the French game, the French lit both Rapino and Mewis up on their counter attack. The defense was awesome.

Point is, don't get too carried away with Rapinoe. She's 33; this is probably her last stand. There is way too much depth coming up.
My oldest son is a college and high school soccer official as well as playing from pee wee all the way through high school. Me personally, I do not care for the game at all but I did support him when he played and have been to a few games he officiated. Personally, I will pull for the US because they are the US but will not watch any of the games.
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