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...today and on Nov. 29.

You've probably noticed that when playing in the stands, the MDB drum major uses hand signs to communicate to the band what song they are about to play. The sign for Rammer Jammer is the same sign the referee uses to start the clock. One of the fun things to see in person at the Clemson and Tennessee games was the sight of, starting at about the 2:00 mark, all the band members giving the drum major the Rammer Jammer sign.

I would absolutely love to have about a 31 point lead with 6:00 left and see 80 players in red in unison waving the RJ sign to the band.

Especially on 11/28, to start playing with 6:00 while there are still some Barners in the stadium, and play it non-stop until the end.

And to top it off, Andre or Cody standing on top of that skinny little ladder at the end of the game leading the band in RJ.
That sounds great BamaGrad, but I'd be glad to have a 1-point lead and crank it up with 00:00 on the clock as well. Nope, I'm not one bit greedy about this game! Just want the win however it may come.

Well, let me rephrase...I just want the win with no major injuries. a$#
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