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Has Finebaum Crossed The Line?

Editorial by TerryP

A couple of years ago I penned a article about what I thought about the manner in which Paul Finebaum treated his audience. Abusive was one of the terms I used, and used frequently.

It all stemmed from the posts that dealt with Alabama fans being ashamed of how some of our fans were being portrayed. You all know who I'm talking about, and, without naming names I'm sure a half of a dozen personalities have come to your mind just thinking about it.

Personally, I stopped listen to show's like Finebaum's years ago simply because I didn't appreciate what he was doing. Whatever agenda he had in mind, there was no escaping the fact he was lying to the audience. His own audience, and our fan base.

Now, it seems he's crossed the line once again. But, this time, instead of our fan base calling his hand out, powerful, influential Alumni are beginning to call his hand as well.

Will it make a difference? I can't say one way or another. But, I'm beginning to sense a trend that will shape the way our program will be reported in the future.

"Here's twenty, bury two."

Now, that phrase is once again felt within the walls of the Athletic Department. The way Saban handles the media is criticized around the NCAA writers world. What's left unsaid is the point they made the bed they are currently sleeping in.

While I have respect for the industry these *reporters* work in, I have no patience left when it comes to reporting the facts. It's no longer journalism, it's editorialism. What opinion a writer or radio personality has about our program means little to me: no, make that nothing.

Truth garners respect. It should be the first class in Journalism 101.

Heck, I might recommend basket-weaving because that's at least substantial

Take a minute, and listen to the following link. When our Alumni like Bob and Kenny start taking this public, we very well may see a change.

Listen here

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