Welcome to the site. If you are looking for a great place to talk football, then this definitely is the place. First thing though, you're gonna have to change that username. Anything with "BAMA", Crimson", "Tide", etc... in it will be fine. :D
Welcome to the site DAWG. We'll let you hang around even if you are related to that "other" Dalton guy. :D :wink:

Just jump on in the hot tub here with the rest of us and get to talking. Disregard that thing floating in the water over there by 27. He swears it's just a Baby Ruth. ;sus
What is this a welcoming Dalton Dawg thread or a warning of Tider27 thread? :evil:

Yeah, you better watch out for me man. Don't make me do the move on you like Tully from Blue Streak.
Welcome to the neighborhood Dawg. Out of all the Eastern Division teams, I probably resent Georgia the least. I like your coach. He seems like a pretty good guy.

Anyway, enjoy yourself when you're here!
the last i heard he had his cancer removed!! i haven't heard much lately though!!! i have had the oppourtunity to meet and talk to him and he is a pretty cool guy!! really takes time with the fans!! have yall heard about our announcer larry munson? he is only calling the first 6 home games then retiring!! he has been around for forever!! he is well into his 80's!!!
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