| FTBL Gameday Experience auction

No offense, I love Alabama football, but there is no way, I'm giving 1,200+ to see it. I could use that money for better things.
$1,200 seems like a bargain.. especially since they threw in 4 programs..... :lol: :roll:

yeah thats a little steep for MSU. Assuming the tickets are worth $150 a peice that means you are paying $600 for a parking pass 4 programs and 4 lunch passes.

Or you could find decent tickets at face outside the stadium and participate in all that other stuff just on the other side of the fence, and buy 100 shares of coca cola stock since its under $20 a share right now :)
For $1200 they better throw in more than tickets, parking pass, programs. It better include someone going to get my drink and dog in line and go take that piss for me midway through the 3rd quarter. No way I pay that much for MSU. I wouldn't even pay that for the Barn.
This auction isnt for the common fan. Its for the big money fans. Im shocked the tickets arent the Zone though.

The real prize is the pre-game sideline passes. Very nice. I was fortunate enough to get on the sideline as a guest when my cousin was a soccer recruit before the Tennessee game when they went into 5 OT's or whatever. It was cool. I wouldnt pay that amount for it though.

- Four (4) Game Programs - Four (4) Crimson Village Hospitality Passes/Catered by Baumhower’s Wings
- Four (4) Pre-game Field Passes
- A Parking Pass for one (1) vehicle
- and an opportunity to Meet the Crimson Tide Sports Network Radio Crew: Eli Gold, Tom Roberts, Barry Krauss, Chris Stewart and Tyler Watts!
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