| FTBL Game on the Quad


Gump 4ever
Listened to the OD(Opening Drive) on Jox radio with Jay Barker, Al DelGreco and Tony Curry this morning on the way to class. They had Gene Hallman on talking about the uagameday.com website and all the stuff he does around the B'ham area. Hallman said something pretty interesting. If the 9'X12' big screen is a big hit on the quad this weekend they will probably put more up in the future. Anotherwords if you are anywhere near T-town this weekend you need to drive down and watch the game for FREE on the big screen on the quad. Plenty of food to eat and bathrooms close by. Get to be part of the game day atmosphere and watch a PPV game for FREE! It'll be great if we can make this a success so that we can insure the big screen stays and that they add some more!
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