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Ran out of time ????? :lol: :lol:


At the end of the game, the Alabama fans on hand in Sanford Stadium launched into the "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer" cheer, which contains the line: "We just beat the Hell out of you!" Those participating in this chant knew that what they were saying was untrue. More precisely, it was a half-truth . . . the first half.

Football, however, is a 60-minute game, not a 30-minute one, and therein lies the difference between my being a dejected Georgia fan and a hopeful one. For a while there, the Bulldogs were getting the Hell beaten out of them, but, in the end, all they got was beaten. The Red and Black lost what wound up being a darned fine football game, and (unlike Florida, Southern California, and Wisconsin) they lost it to a darned fine football team.

Actually, even that does not sound quite the right note. Bear Bryant said it best on New Year’s Eve 1973, after his Alabama squad lost the Sugar Bowl to Notre Dame: "we didn’t lose; we just ran out of time." :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Bama-Tee said:
Ran out of time ????? :lol: :lol:

I live in Georgia and heard it 3X today. :cry:

For the most part, I have to hand it to the rest of them and they said they got their butt kicked, but was proud of their guys for not giving up. I finally said, we tried to let you save some face by letting you run back a punt, but it surprised us you saw our charity as a chance to get back in the game. :D

Bama could have hung 60 on them had we not gone conservative and tried to deflate the ball.

We were happy to let them drive the ball down the field in 6 minutes or so. They had the one kick return for TD that the refs went blind on for a quick 7, but other than that we were happy to play the role of speed bump.
Doemasters said:
I have heard we want a rematch, i responded with, what you going to do, wear another color jersey :D
Hey, whatever makes em feel better! Plain and simple, they got their butts whipped! What, they need a couple of extra hours to beat us???

I wonder if the Yankees would have won all the games they won in baseball if all the teams they beat had a few *extra* innings to come back...give me a break!

UGA fans are the absolute worse losers! Geez, they got beat, get over it and move forward! I guess the Dawgs weren't suppose to be beaten this year. :roll:
They ran out of time alright...they ran out of prep time is getting ready for the game. This much was clear to the entire nation.
Doemasters said:
I have heard we want a rematch, i responded with, what you going to do, wear another color jersey :D

Rematch?!? How'd that work out for Florida with Alexander, Samuals, and the gang?
Fact of the matter is that our defense was different in the 2nd half. We weren't playing man coverage and blitzing to confuse, we were dropping back in a lot of zone and only rushing 4 sometimes 3 down lineman. Stafford picked us apart respectively, but we went into conservative mode about mid-way through the 3rd quarter. I can care less what the final score said, we were winning 31-0 at halftime. That's enough to make me smile when lay my head down to sleep at night.
You have to give their team and fans credit though. I think the commentators mentioned this a few times and I couldn't help but notice, but the stadium was still pretty full even after they were down 31-0. I know I probably would have left if my team was getting beaten by 30 points. It had to take a lot to get all the motivation, knowing that you were gonna lose and that all you could possibly get was a little respect back, if even that. At the end of the day they were soundly beaten, but not humiliated.

They're still a good football team and if they play us again in Atlanta it will be a whole different kind of game IMO. If we play them again I think it could go down to the wire.
BIG difference in how we lost that ND game and how they got beat Saturday. I met the tight end from that ND team about a month ago here in Charlotte. He saw my Bama hat and started into a long set of stories about that game. Very interesting. He had more respect for Coach Bryant after that game than his own coach.
BornBama said:
Doemasters said:
I have heard we want a rematch, i responded with, what you going to do, wear another color jersey :D

A rematch would be fine with me. I'd love to watch that happen again...
It would still be our O line against their D line and their O line against our D line.They would get whipped in the trenches again. :lol:
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