| FTBL ESPN just reported Tommy Bowden...

bamafan4ever said:
to Arkansas. ;scr I don't think I follow?

They would get a slightly better recruiter and a worse football coach (than Nutt). I haven't looked at their respective message boards, but I would imagine the Hog fans are more ticked off than the Clemson fans.
I think really they just want the search over.
Of course they were expecting a ''big splash'', but apparently it ain't gonna happen.
Good luck to them,they're gonna need it.
This ain't the ACC.
RollTideRandy said:
I smell an agent trying to get Tommy Bowden another raise. :?

Yep. My neighbor is committed to Clemson for '08. The coaches were just over last week. I wouldn't be shocked if Bowden left, but he would. :shock:
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