| FTBL Did we mix it up too much?



Why were we so reluctant to go to the run until late in 2nd half? That was our obvious strength. And why so many misdirections by JPW? Did Major get too fancy today? Me thinks so.
BamaDelta said:
Atlanta_Tider said:
We are not putting all of our cards on the table until next week.

I hope you're right, but I saw a whole deck. :shock:
I honestly did not see the whole thing, IMO. Johns barely touched the ball to do, Brown didn't have a catch. Was good to see Coffee get some reps today and some good ones at that. I could be wrong on my thinking but I hope Saban has some tricks up his sleeve becase the next 3 games could be crucial.
You have to take what they give you. We had guys open all day, JPW just had a tough time getting the ball to them. Some of that was due to protection, but most of it was just him having a poor day. Later on, BAMA just went to the ground game because it was the only thing working. With this offense though, when everything is clicking, it will not/does not matter if folks have seen our whole deck or not. There will be too much to defend for them to key on one specific thing or one specific person. If we can't get the down field passing going though, we will have some issues. I'm confident they will get those issues ironed out though.
We've ooh'd and aah'd since Saban hired Applewhite 'cause it meant a more varied offense than we are used to. That's what we got in the first half. The pass was not clicking in the first two quarters so we went primarily with the run game in the second half. I think it's as simple as that.

I, quite honestly, didn't expect a 2-TD win today, knowing the trouble the 'Dores always seem to give us. I'll take the win with no complaints.

Lawd, Terry Grant is something else, ain't he? :shock: :D
Yes we had some bad plays. But we had a lot of good one too. And by the score we had more good one. and I for one don't think JPW was thinking about next week.
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