| FTBL Could this be an omen?

Chuck-E-Cheeze said:
if you look at history, RED TIDE has killed many fish which in turn, has killed many indians(because they ate the dead ones). Interesting, huh?

So...if we feed the Seminols tainted dead fish, we'll win the game because their players will be dead? Hmmm. I must say, it's a drastic plan, but there's no doubt about it working if we can carry it out. First, we'll need to get hold of some tainted fish. Next, we'll need to gain access to their lunch plans.... :p

Nah....let's just go whip their arse on the field.

Sorry, I'm in a silly mood today. :D
the fact that the red tide washed in at the same time the Crimson Tide is coming in just makes for an ironic little story for the local papers t write up. Truth be known though red tide is very common out there. When I lived in Cocoa Beach it was a fairly frequent occurance.

As far as it's effects on humans, I've had a little bit of exposure to it and it felt about like being at the other end of a large room where someone was pepper sprayed. Don't ask me how I know that either. :| It's not too terribly bad if you're not right there in the middle of it, though it could cause some degree of irritation depending on the person.
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