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Saban said today that they are applying for a medical hardship for him, so it appears that his playing days are over. It is a shame, as he had the tools to be a heck of a player. Hopefully he will take the opportunity and make the most of the free education though...
RollTideRandy said:
It starting to look like we should have maybe oversigned by about two or three more. :?

Yea, there sure has been a lot of attrition the last couple of weeks...and a lot of the guys are guys that we could certainly use.

Porter, what was the reason for Lett not being able to play? It seems like I heard the possibility of diabetes at some point?...I may be way off base with that though.
With the numbers that we have been dropping recently, an considering the 6 dozen signees inked this year, how does this impact the number we can sign next year?

A few weeks ago I heard the number 19 being floated, but that was before the likes of Lett.

BTW, God bless Chris. I appreciate you coming to Tuscaloosa.
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