| FTBL Brandon Fanney arrested?

Yep, it's for real. :x

Just really amazed....does it not mean anything to these guys to wear the crimson jersey and to be getting a free education? Do they not understand the opportunity given to them? Boys will be boys, but this is really inexcusable. Everyone can make mistakes but getting arrested is just too much. :?
Optimus said:
Should be something to see what happens to these guys. I myself would impose at least 6 games they wouldn't dress out.

I would do a 3 gamer on Upchurch and Fanney and 6 on Deaderick.
BamaHeat said:
If Deaderick resisted arrest and broke a patrol car window, he should be gone.

I agree, guess well see what happens with the season fast approaching what will be thier punishment. Anyone got anymore info?
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