| FTBL Anyone have any idea how to....


...obtain players autographs at the games? I go to a lot of games trying to get autographs, most times without even having tickets to the games, knowing I'm not getting in to see the action. I'll walk the Quad hoping to get a past player or two and usually do, then I'll head back over to the tailgating spot just in time to catch the game. I would love to know how to find the guys either before or after the game and get a few current players to sign some stuff.
HEY THANKS! So after each home game they will come out the same general area that they enter. Do they not mind being mauled by all the fans or do not a lot of fans know about it?
Well thank you for the tip. I collect autographs and have since I was a child and the next couple of home games will be a great opportunity for me to try and get some good ones. Thanks again for your help and ROLL TIDE!!
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