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@doemasters use to take my requests every game, he never once disappointed when it came to which Cheerleader I wanted to showcase. The very first one will and always will be my favorite. The cheer section would move to the opposite side of the field when I went to games (I Kid). I know for a fact they knew we showcased them. Lance was all over the picture taking. LOL

I look over at him last night and he’s texting with them. Dude is the smoothest of operators.
On the court… I know this team has some issues on defense to iron out, and will have to navigate around not having a great rim protector… but on the offensive end… 9 different guys hit a 3 last night. Not sure when that happened last… maybe more recent than I can remember, but it doesn’t happen too often. More importantly, IMO… and I haven’t gone back to look to verify this (yet), but I’m nearly certain that out of all of his teams so far at Bama, up to this point in the year this squad has the best assist to turnover ratio. Also the best FT and 3 point %’s.
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