| FTBL A couple of observations...


First of all, that was just a strange game. Neither team could generate any momentum in the first half and we hardly ever tried to "stretch the field" on the 'noles. Well, there are probably a couple of reasons for that: 1)JPW was lacking in accuracy from 10 yards out and the coaches may not have trusted him to throw the ball downfield and 2) Our O-Line is showing some signs of not being one of the best units in the SEC this year as a 3 man rush was all that seem to be needed to pressure JPW.

I give a tip of the hat to the 'noles D as they are just as quick and talented as advertised.

I am not a better offensive mind than Major Applewhite or I would not be sitting here tonight but it did seem that we were too ultra conservative, especially early in the game.

I am not advocating that Greg McElroy be given the next start over JPW however I really hope that he gets the chance to take the field against Houston and maybe prove himself a little more. I know that the coaches see both players in practice but some players do play better in real game situations. I would really like to see if Greg is one of those guys.

Anyway, another tough loss but this season may still have twists and turns that can make this a successful season. You need to look no further than what happened in the top 10 to know things sure can turn around.

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