| FTBL 92 Bama vs Florida replay

If you go to www.planetgator.com and sign up for a free account you get access to a bunch of florida game tapes. The only Bama games are the 2006 and 1993 SECCG tapes. But if anyone is wanting to scout the Gators or just admire how the spread is run, this is a great site. The videos are all streaming and decent quality. They also cut out all the b.s. in between plays so you get right to the football. I'll warn you though the Florida players are all just a blur when they are zooming down field :twisted:
wow percy,

thanks for the link.. there are alot of memories on that site for bama fans..

i was at the 93 seccg.. the one thing that sticks out in my mind was the plane that constantly flew over legion field that said something along the lines of:

Auburn 11-0 "the real sec champs"

i guess the auburn boosters had nothing better to spend their money on..
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