| FTBL 9-11-2001

It is definitely something that should always be remembered and never forgotten. I was on my way to school that morning when I heard it on the radio. It was unreal. Please remember all the lives that were lost and pray for those who went through it and lost loved ones.
I was at work when people started getting phone calls here about what had happened. I tried the web sites for several news organizations, but they were down due to their proximity to the Twin Towers. I went over to Tider Insider. Some of the members were at home watching Fox News and giving a play by play of what was happening, including the second plane.

This has always been a rough day for me. 7 years ago some idiots took my best friends dad. He worked inside the 1st tower. I searched for the first 3 days looking for people. It was the most horrible 3 days. But it opened your eyes to a lot. It just shows that we don't know whats going to happen tomorrow. Wither something happens driving to work or someone tries to take a lot of lives. Thats the way life is. Sadly there are entire countries that hate us. There are people who live to kill people.

Nobody can take anything back. we only can improve on the future. And we only can start to improve our lives before we start to tell someone esle to do. It just shows that there is so much to life other then sports and your job. Just view your life like your going to live forever but only see the person you love once.
My best friend didn't even get to say goodbye, and he thinks about that everyday. Lets not take our family for granted. Lets not take anything in life for granted. Everyone deserves to be with the person they love. Lets make sure that we remember that we all have familys and they all mean a lot to us. Because im sure we would all treat them differenty if we knew that tomorrow they would not be with us. I know I can do better.

And lets just remember we have alot of people that care about us. Lets not waste our lives.

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