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That game was played at night at Legion Field. The Birmingham White and Yellow Pages featured a picture of the setting on its cover the next year. It was a cool phone book cover (as phone book covers go).
Original spot of ball was closer to goal line than it was the one yard line. Bama had the ball so long I had forgotten where the drive started. When Bama scored, my brother, who was with me at the game, turned and said, " Do you realize we just drove the ball 100 yards on Nebraska?". Was a big deal because, believe it or not, the "TV Player of the Game" for Nebraska was their defense. Never mind it was Bama that held THEM to 3 points. Nebraska averaged 37 points per game that year despite the 3 point start, and scored over 50 points four times.
I justed pulled out the DVD & watched the drive. Billy Jackson had some key 3rd down runs, especially the 1st one on the one inch line. The crowd was electric that night. Also, sometimes you don't realize what you've got until it's gone (I'm referring to John Forney). His voice is Alabama Football.
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