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UGA fans and other rivals like to hold up our 99 yards rushing against Tulane as a sign that we can be stopped in the run game. Bama fans like to point out (and rightfully so) that we had two OL starters out hurt, including our All-American tackle.

A further note about Tulane though...

While we did play poorly and Tulane is by no means a world beater, they are now 2-2. They also played a solid ECU team to a photo-finish 28-24 loss. The really interesting thing in their season is this...

They held ECU to 56 yards. ECU ran for 143 against West Virginia, and 158 against Va. Tech.

They held La. Monroe to 64 yards rushing - less than they had against Arkansas OR AUBURN.

They held SMU to 55 yards rushing...SMU is not good, but still that is four games into the season and they have yet to give up 100 yards on the ground. Our 99 yards with two OL out does not look quite as bad in that light.

Tulane plays LSU on 11/1. While I am sure that LSU will thump them, it will not be as bad as most think because Tulane has a very solid defense. I will be curious to see how that game goes down.

I am going to go out on a limb and predict an 8 win season for Tulane. Tulsa and LSU will beat them, but I don't see anyone else on their schedule who can.
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