| FTBL Who will be drafted first----Hall or Gilberry?

Who will be drafted first?

  • DJ Hall?

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I think Hall as well......While we know what kind of player Gilberry is......the same thing I hear about him over and over is about his size. (small for a DL/DE).

I think he will be another Jarrett Johnson type and will be a pleasant surprise to whoever picks him up, but I think that by position DJ has more of the attributes (tall, good hands, routes, etc) you look for as oppossed to Gilberry at his playing position. While I'm sure Gilberry has good technique and footwork, etc. Height is something you can't teach and size is going to stop at some point d/t the frame.
WG,because size does not always matter..................... in football lol

I think his motor and character will move him above DJ...but who knows.
DJ Hall did the same thing 90% if Shula's recruits have done their last year.....got the big head when they really were NOT that good. Gilberry has a lot more fire and determination and deserves to go before Hall. If I am a scout I dont even want DJ because of the lack of heart he showed in several games toward the end of the year... ULM,Miss St, AUB. He dropped plenty of balls or got out wrestled for balls that he should have caught, and frankly that is what separates the good from the great. I am no longer a fan of his...sorry to be negative but the last few games of his career put a bad taste in my mouth.
TidePride50 said:
Did either even get drafted or did I miss it? Last time I saw late in the 7th round I didnt think either had went yet.

Neither got drafted. Gilberry is going to sign with the NY Giants as a free agent... no news on DJ yet.
According to one of the Birmingham area sports guys, this is the first time since 1970 that Alabama has not had a player drafted. That was a transition period, from the smaller, quick, superbly conditioned players we used in the sixties to the larger, stronger players of the seventies to know. Of course this is also a transition year, from the laid back, undisciplined approach of the Shula years to the Saban era.
bamatommy said:
I'm guessing that DJ will be picked in the third round, and Wallace Gilberry will go shortly after him.

Wow. I figured Gilberry maybe in the late rounds but pretty much knew Hall and Castille would not be picked up. The first wide receiver was not picked up until the second round. Hell Earl Bennet went really late. That's when I knew Hall was screwed.
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RTR2006 said:
Although I will say that I think Gilberry deserves to be drafted before Hall, because of his work ethic and attitude, I think Hall will be drafted first.

In his NFL profile he had questionable work ethic.
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